A few days ago I was reading a book, the topic or title isn't important and would probably distract from what the point of this article. That is what is this site about and why?

The book was written by a respected professor and had praise and acknowledgment from peers from such schools as Cambridge University and Dartmouth College. The book presents a theory based on archaeology of historical writings that academia considers to be fictitious. Reading the story there is nothing that stands out as beyond belief other than the supposed time of the events. During the authors critique he cites various "accepted" and "known" events. Some of these, at least to me, seem just as fanciful as the writing he was dismissing. This started me to thinking and gave me the idea to create this site. Not that I have any more insight or proof into anything, but just that most people I know would just read the "accepted" examples without a second thought. We as I got stuck there.

The above might not be so clear, and I leave it that way because later I intend to actually write my thoughts on the subject and do not want to spoil that with foreshadowing. This is was created because I seem to see and hear things complete different from the vast majority of people, so I thought I document my thoughts on things. For what purpose, I don't know. Will anyone even read this, maybe? Someone told me that I should be an essayist and I have always wanted to be a writer, so at the least that desire could be satisfied.

Stay Tuned, Rod